Gauge ID Name Type Owner
Location   Elevation Installed
2Willow Beach 2 (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
LMNRA, Arizona side of Colorado River 
5Householder Pass (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
LMNRA, Arizona side of Colorado River 
7Eldorado (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
LMNRA, Arizona side of Colorado River 
8Willow Beach 8 (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
LMNRA, Arizona side of Colorado River 
330Willow Beach 330 (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
350Willow Beach Hwy 93 (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
510Willow Beach Hwy. 93 Access Road (NPS)PrecipitationNPS
1500Cherum Peak (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1501Golden Valley (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1502North Golden Valley (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1503Mud Spring (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1506Upper Lime MountainPrecipitationMOH
1507Pahcoon Flat (Utah)PrecipitationMOH
1508Bull Valley Mtns (Utah)PrecipitationMOH
1520Upper Sacramento Wash (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1524Hardy Mountain (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1525Punto de Vista (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
1530Willow Springs (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1535White Hills (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1540Santa Claus (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1556Tufa (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1565Mesquite Creek (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1570Hualapai Mtn (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
1590Boundary Cone (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1604Hurricane Cliffs (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1610Silver Creek (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1615Big Bend Wash @ I-15 (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
1620Montana Wash (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
1630Detrital Wash (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
1640El Rodeo Wash (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
1645Motoqua (Utah)Water LevelMOH
1655Quail Run (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
1670Kingman (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
1680Mohave Valley (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
1695Cave Spring (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
2564Mesquite 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
9 miles north of Mesquite 250006/29/1990
2574Town Wash (Mesquite 3)PrecipitationCCRFCD
7 miles north of Mesquite 257512/28/1990
2584Mesquite AirportPrecipitationCCRFCD
on Mesquite Airport; 1/2 mile N of I-15 197012/07/1990
2594Town Wash DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At Town Wash Detention Basin 0.5 miles north of I-15 170008/04/1992
2599Town Wash ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Town Wash Channel north of Hafen Lane in Mesquite. 160506/29/2011
2664Mesquite 2 (Toquop Wash)PrecipitationCCRFCD
11 miles northwest of Mesquite 247507/20/1990
2674Pulsipher Wash DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At Pulsipher Wash Detention Basin 1.2 miles north of I-15 167812/20/2007
2684Abbott Wash DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At Abbott Wash Detention Basin 1.2 miles north of I-15 168012/20/2007
2694Abbott Wash ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Right (west) bank of Abbott Wash channel between I-15 and Mesquite Blvd 164012/02/2005
2754BunkervilleFull Weather StationCCRFCD
7 miles south of Bunkerville 285512/17/1993
2784Windmill Wash DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Windmill Wash Detention Basin, Southwest side of spillway. 167009/29/1999
3034Halfway WashPrecipitationCCRFCD
13 miles WNW of Mesquite; 6 miles N of I-15 283010/05/1990
3044Mormon Mesa 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
8 miles NE of Glendale; 2 miles N of I-15. 212009/14/1990
3064Weiser WashPrecipitationCCRFCD
7 miles north of Glendale. 221008/03/1990
3114California Wash 4Full Weather StationCCRFCD
1.3 miles SW of I-15 and Valley of Fire Hwy. 205011/24/2015
3124Moapa SW 3Full Weather StationCCRFCD
12.3 Miles NNW from I-15/US93 interchange near Apex 259011/10/2015
3129Moapa SW 2PrecipitationCCRFCD
2.4 miles NNW of I-15 and Valley of Fire Hwy. 213010/27/2015
3134Moapa SW 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
4.3 miles NW of Ute exit at I-15. 219009/29/2015
3144California Wash 3Full Weather StationCCRFCD
13 miles southwest of Glendale. 208008/07/1991
3164California Wash 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
7 miles south-southwest of Glendale, 3 miles east of I-15. 214007/13/1990
3184California Wash 2Water LevelCCRFCD
4 miles southwest of Glendale, 1 mile west of I-15. 157010/16/1990
3204Hogan Springs OverlookFull Weather StationCCRFCD
4.75 Miles west of Hidden Valley Road exit at I-15. 181009/15/2015
3214Elbow CanyonFull Weather StationCCRFCD
3.3 miles southwest of SR160 / US 93 intersection (Coyote Springs). 313007/24/2008
3219Segmiller WashPrecipitationCCRFCD
4.4 Miles WNW of Hidden Valley Road exit at I-15. 169009/08/2015
3229Coyote Springs DBWater LevelCCRFCD
West of US-93 and SR 168 interchange. 262007/19/2018
3234Wildcat WashPrecipitationCCRFCD
15 miles northwest of Glendale. 256009/11/1991
3239Dry GulchPrecipitationCCRFCD
2.9 Miles NNW of SR 168 and (middle) Warm Springs Road. 213006/20/2018
3244Mormon Mesa 2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
4 miles NE of Bowman Reservoir on Mormon Mesa 200012/15/1993
3254Overton BeachFull Weather StationCCRFCD
8 miles southeast of Overton at Overton Beach Marina. 141005/28/1993
3264Muddy River Moapa (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
6 miles northwest of Glendale, 1 mile west of SR-168 at Warm Springs Rd. 171011/29/1989
3274Logan WashPrecipitationCCRFCD
3 miles west of Logandale in Valley of Fire State Park. 175004/05/1990
3279Mormon Mesa OvertonPrecipitationCCRFCD
3 miles east of Overton on Mormon Mesa. 185006/05/1991
3284Silica DomeFull Weather StationCCRFCD
6 miles southwest of Overton at Valley of Fire State Park. 218503/23/1990
3294Overton AirportFull Weather StationCCRFCD
Located at the east side of Overton Airport. 136007/02/1992
3384Meadow Valley WashWater LevelCCRFCD
11 miles north-northwest of Glendale. 172011/29/1989
3619Indian Springs DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At the Indian Springs Detention Basin near the southwest corner of town. 319006/23/2005
3634Indian Springs 1Full Weather StationCCRFCD
0.9 miles WSW of the Creech AFB main gate on US 95. 318207/12/2017
3644Indian Springs 2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
3.1 miles WSW of US 95 and Cold Creek Road 382806/14/2018
3704Cold CreekFull Weather StationCCRFCD
3 miles east of Cold Creek. 540007/15/2005
3709Lee Canyon 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
2.7 miles SW of US 95 and Lee Canyon Road. 400007/12/2017
3834Rainbow CanyonPrecipitationCCRFCD
At the Kyle Canyon SNOTEL Site 790009/16/2014
3844Harris Springs 2PrecipitationCCRFCD
South of Kyle Canyon Road. 633007/24/2014
3854Harris Springs 1Full Weather StationCCRFCD
Harris Springs, south of Kyle Canyon 729007/23/2014
3864Harris Springs 3PrecipitationCCRFCD
0.6 miles SW of Kyle Canyon Road and Harris Springs Road. 452007/16/2014
3914Grapevine Springs 2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
0.5 miles north of Kyle Canyon Rd, 10 miles west of US-95. 489006/22/2006
3924Yucca Forest 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
16 miles northeast of Corn Creek Road at US-95. 678009/05/2008
3929Grapevine Springs 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
2.25 miles north of Kyle Canyon Rd near Scottie Rd alignment. 369007/20/2005
3934Yucca Forest 2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
16 miles east-northeast of Corn Creek Road at US-95. 551008/21/2008
3949Corn Creek NWPrecipitationCCRFCD
1/4 mile west of US-95 near Corn Creek Road. 318007/27/2005
3954Tule Springs NWFull Weather StationCCRFCD
0.5 miles west of US-95 and 1.5 miles north of Snow Mtn turnoff 302608/25/2006
4004Las Vegas Wash at NellisWater LevelCCRFCD
On east side of Nellis Blvd south of Charleston Blvd. 173401/06/2015
4009Floyd Lamb North EEAWater LevelCCRFCD
East side of Floyd Lamb City Park. 244502/10/2012
4014Fossil RidgeFull Weather StationCCRFCD
17 miles NNW of downtown LV; 4 miles E of Corn Creek 360005/03/1989
4019Floyd Lamb South EEAWater LevelCCRFCD
South side of Floyd Lamb City Park. 246502/09/2012
4024Upper Las Vegas Wash DBWater LevelCCRFCD
3 miles east of Floyd Lamb City Park. 234009/09/1993
4029Kyle Canyon DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.5 miles south of Kyle Canyon Road, 3 miles west of US-95. 320006/03/1997
4034North Valley 1Full Weather StationCCRFCD
2.5 miles east of Clark County Shooting Range. 264001/11/1991
4039North Valley 2PrecipitationCCRFCD
4.3 miles east-northeast of Clark County Shooting Range. 308001/25/1991
4044Castle RockPrecipitationCCRFCD
2.3 miles northwest of Clark County Shooting Range. 318008/03/1989
4049Floyd Lamb City Park (Tule Springs)PrecipitationCCRFCD
at Tule Springs State Park, 500 feet E of entrance. 247008/25/1989
4054Lone Mtn at HualpaiPrecipitationCCRFCD
1/4 mile north of Lone Mountain Rd, 5 miles west of US-95. 302003/09/1990
4059Gowan Outfall ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Camino al Norte 1/4 mile north of Craig Road. 206001/07/1992
4064Lower Las Vegas Wash DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1/4 mile southwest of Ann Rd / Camino al Norte. 210001/08/1999
4069Las Vegas Wash at Craig RdWater LevelCCRFCD
0.18 miles north of Craig Road on Berg Street. 193008/22/1991
4074Las Vegas Wash at Lake MeadWater LevelCCRFCD
Northeast corner of Lake Mead Blvd / Pecos Road. 182003/01/1988
4079Western Tributary of Las Vegas WashWater LevelCCRFCD
Western Tributary of Las Vegas Wash at Clayton. South of Clayton and Ann Rd intersection. West of Lower Las Vegas Wash DB. 215001/06/2000
4084Las Vegas Wash above Flamingo Wash confluenceWater LevelCCRFCD
At Desert Rose Golf Course 500 yards south of Sahara Ave. 172003/01/1988
4089Las Vegas Wash below Vegas Valley Dr. (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
North side of Vegas Valley Drive above CLV water treatment facility. 168506/16/1999
4094Las Vegas Wash at 3-Kids WashPrecipitationCCRFCD
South side of Las Vegas Wash 1/2 mile upstream from Lake Las Vegas. 146005/04/1990
4099Rainbow Garden WeirWater LevelCCRFCD
South side of Las Vegas Wash 1/2 mile upstream from Lake Las Vegas. 155006/11/2004
4104Nellis AFB NorthFull Weather StationCCRFCD
On Nellis AFB near the north end of the runway. 190007/12/1991
4109Nellis AFB SouthPrecipitationCCRFCD
2.1 miles north of Lake Mead Blvd. and Hollywood Blvd.  183004/10/1992
4114Sloan Channel at Las Vegas BlvdWater LevelCCRFCD
Las Vegas Blvd. 1/4 mile east of Lamb Blvd. 185501/01/1988
4119Vandenberg DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1 mile south-southwest of Lamb Blvd. / Donovan Way. 193002/07/2001
4124West Range Wash 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
3.75 miles north-northeast of Range Road / CC-215. 247503/13/1992
4134West Range Wash 2PrecipitationCCRFCD
on alluvial fan 6 miles NW of Nellis AFB 275003/20/1992
4144Apex at I-15Full Weather StationCCRFCD
At NDOT vehicle inspection Station near Apex. 244010/03/2011
4154Confluence DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At the southeast corner of Nellis AFB. 181006/24/1997
4174Sloan Channel at Charleston (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
On Sloan Channel at Charleston Blvd. 174003/01/1988
4179Orchard DBWater LevelCCRFCD
East end of Charleston Blvd. behind Hollywood Regional Park. 184006/25/2015
4184Sunrise Landfill 2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
Near the entrance to the old landfill site at the east end of Vegas Valley Drive. 200002/04/2000
4189Sunrise Landfill 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
Near the top of the old landfill at the east end, at the base of the mountain. 224002/11/2000
4199Sloan Channel below SaharaWater LevelCCRFCD
along east side of Sloan Channel 100 yds south of Sahara 170507/06/2006
4204Summerlin WestFull Weather StationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir at Far Hills, 0.9 miles west of CC-215. 395003/06/1992
4209Summerlin NWPrecipitationCCRFCD
Smoke Ranch Rd alignment 3 miles W of Hualpai 392007/17/1992
4214Summerlin PkwyPrecipitationCCRFCD
1 mile east of Town Center Dr. along the north side of Summerlin Parkway. 269509/03/1992
4219Angel Park DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Angel Park Detention Basin outlet near Vegas Dr. / Rampart Blvd. 265002/01/1993
4224Angel Park WestFull Weather StationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located near Alta Dr. east of Hualapai Way. 284009/15/1989
4229Charleston at RampartPrecipitationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located near the northwest corner of Charleston Blvd. / Rampart Blvd. 285009/21/1989
4234Smoke Ranch at BuffaloPrecipitationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located near the southeast corner of Smoke Ranch Rd. / Buffalo Dr. 241509/15/1989
4239Carey/Lake Mead DBPrecipitationCCRFCD
Between Carey Ave. and Lake Mead Blvd., west of Simmons St. 212012/29/1992
4244Oakey at RainbowPrecipitationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located near Rainbow Blvd. / Oakey Blvd. 240805/08/1992
4249Oakey DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Southeast corner of the intersection of Torrey Pines Dr. / Oakey Blvd. 234506/23/1995
4254Lower Gowan North DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Lower Gowan North Detention Basin outlet near Gowan Road and Tenaya Way. 233005/25/1993
4259Gowan South DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Gowan South detention Basin outlet near Cheyenne Ave. and Tenaya Way. 234006/20/1995
4264Beltway at Lone Mountain DBWater LevelCCRFCD
SW of the CC-215 and Lone Mountain Road. 275912/13/2018
4269Lone Mountain DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At the Lone Mountain Detention Basin near Alexander Rd. and Hualapai Way. 262007/01/1996
4274Downtown Las VegasFull Weather StationCCRFCD
Downtown Las Vegas on the roof of 301 E. Clark Street. 216011/30/1989
4279Gowan North ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
About 400 feet east of Durango Rd and Alexander on south side of Gowan North Channel. 236001/06/2000
4284Las Vegas Wash at LambPrecipitationCCRFCD
On Las Vegas Wash at Lamb Blvd. north of Washington Ave. 178002/28/1988
4289Freeway Channel near CharlestonPrecipitationCCRFCD
Northeast corner of Oakey Blvd. and MLK Blvd. 203609/12/2002
4294Meadows DBWater LevelCCRFCD
On the east side of the Las Vegas Springs Preserve. 211506/24/2003
4299Rainbow Curve DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Rainbow Blvd and Westcliff 238006/12/2009
4304Blue Diamond Ridge SouthFull Weather StationCCRFCD
East rim of Blue Diamond Ridge, 2 miles northeast of Blue Diamond Town. 484007/07/1989
4309Desert Inn DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Southeast corner of Rainbow Boulevard and Desert Inn Road 240003/13/2001
4314Blue Diamond Ridge NorthPrecipitationCCRFCD
Eastern rim of Blue Diamond Ridge, 7 miles west of Spanish trails. 470007/07/1989
4319Beltway Channel at Town CenterWater LevelCCRFCD
Beltway Channel at Town Center. About 850 ft east of intersections of Town Center Dr and 215 Beltway. 280002/02/2001
4324Red Rock CanyonPrecipitationCCRFCD
300 yards southwest of Red Rock Canyon Visitor’s Center. 370008/24/1990
4329Brownstone CanyonPrecipitationCCRFCD
2.5 miles northwest of Red Rock DB. 452004/14/2000
4334Upper Flamingo 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
3 miles southwest of Spanish Trails. 310009/30/1989
4339Beltway Channel at Peace WayWater LevelCCRFCD
Beltway Channel at Peace Way. Near the intersection of Peace Way and Fort Apache, along beltway channel. 262502/01/2001
4344Red Rock DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1 mile west-southwest of CC-215 / Charleston Blvd. 326007/21/1989
4349Upper Flamingo DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Southeast of Hacienda Ave. / Durango Dr. 245003/19/1992
4354The LakesFull Weather StationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located 0.37 miles west-southwest Spring Mountain Rd. / South Durango Dr. 262009/23/1991
4359The Lakes DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Lakes Detention Basin. East of Durango Rd between Desert Inn and Spring Mtn Rd. 259502/21/2001
4364Flamingo Wash at Torrey Pines Dr.Water LevelCCRFCD
1/4 mile north of Tropicana Blvd. on Torrey Pines Dr. 233503/01/1988
4369Lower Flamingo DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1/4 mile north of Tropicana Blvd. on Decatur Blvd. 225002/13/1992
4374Flamingo Wash at Eastern Ave.Water LevelCCRFCD
West side of Eastern Avenue crossing of the Flamingo Wash (near Twain). 196010/01/1987
4379Van Buskirk DBWater LevelCCRFCD
On the VanBuskirk system near Harmon Ave. / McLeod Dr. 193508/07/1996
4384DI Super ArterialPrecipitationCCRFCD
At the pump station on the north side of Desert Inn Rd. / east Las Vegas Blvd. 207011/02/1995
4389Rio (Twain) Pump SitePrecipitationCCRFCD
Near the Rio Casino 214008/31/2016
4394Flamingo Wash at Nellis Blvd (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
On west side of Nellis Blvd. 1/4 mile south of Sahara Ave. 173003/01/1988
4395Flamingo Wash East of NellisWater LevelCCRFCD
Discharge values computed using rating curve developed by USGS 171612/22/2014
4399Flamingo Wash at MojaveWater LevelCCRFCD
Along the Flamingo Wash east of Mojave Rd., upstream of the Miracle Mile Park. 184007/09/2002
4404F-1 Debris BasinWater LevelCCRFCD
1 mile west of Hualapai Way on Tropicana Ave. alignment. 293006/16/2004
4409F-2 Debris BasinWater LevelCCRFCD
1/2 mile west of Hualapai Way on Russell Road alignment. 281006/11/2004
4414Blue Diamond DBWater LevelCCRFCD
North of Blue Diamond Road at Hualapai Way. 297503/22/2001
4419F-4 Debris BasinWater LevelCCRFCD
3/4 miles south of Warm Springs Rd. / Fort Apache Rd. 277008/07/2007
4424F-1 ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
F-1 Channel between Fort Apache Rd. / Grand Canyon Dr. 269006/25/2003
4429Naples ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Left (north) back of Naples Channel between Grand Canyon and TeePee 286012/07/2005
4434Beltway Channel at BuffaloWater LevelCCRFCD
South side of Beltway Channel ¼ mile east of Buffalo Drive 252008/03/2000
4439Blue Diamond ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Blue Diamond Channel east of Blue Diamond Turning Basin 274009/03/2008
4444R-4 DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.4 miles west of Flamingo Road / Town Center Drive. 305506/24/2003
4449R-4 ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Along the R-4 Channel, west CC-215 near Town Center Drive. 289506/24/2003
4454Warm Springs at JonesPrecipitationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located near Warm Springs Road / Jones Blvd. 244009/21/1989
4459Lower Blue Diamond DBWater LevelCCRFCD
0.4 miles northwest of Decatur Blvd. / Windmill Lane. 239002/18/2011
4464Hualapai at Maule (F-3) DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.1 miles west of Fort Apache Road and Maule Ave. 277107/21/2017
4474Tropicana DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1/4 mile southeast of Decatur Blvd. / Russell Road. 229009/13/1999
4479Tropicana North Branch DBWater LevelCCRFCD
0.38 miles southeast of Tropicana Av. / Arville St. 222012/28/2011
4484Tropicana Wash at University Center DriveWater LevelCCRFCD
Located on the west side of the University Center Drive crossing of Tropicana Wash; Discharge values computed using rating curve developed by USGS 203003/13/1989
4504Beltway Channel at CheyenneWater LevelCCRFCD
Along west side of Beltway north of Cheyenne Ave. 283002/04/2004
4509Fort Apache DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Along north side of beltway near Fort Apache Road. 263506/16/2004
4514CAM-10 DBWater LevelCCRFCD
CAM-10 DB 0.5 miles west of I-215 and 1 mile north of Ann Rd 300007/28/2006
4519Rancho DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1/2 mile northwest of Ann Road / US-95. 250006/18/2008
4524Cheyenne PBPrecipitationCCRFCD
Cheyenne Peaking Basin is located 1/2 mile northeast of Cheyenne Av. / Civic Center Drive. 187507/21/2005
4529Las Vegas Wash at LV BlvdWater LevelCCRFCD
Las Vegas Blvd, south of Cheyenne Ave. 182202/08/2007
4534Upper Las Vegas Wash 1Water LevelCCRFCD
1.25 miles north of Craig Road, west of Losee Road. 189301/11/2007
4539Beltway Channel at AlianteWater LevelCCRFCD
On CC-215 Beltway, 1/4 mile west of Aliante Pkwy. 199301/10/2007
4544Las Vegas Wash at Pabco RdWater LevelCCRFCD
On Las Vegas Wash at the Pabco Rd Grade Control Structure 154508/03/2000
4549NE C-1 DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.95 miles east-northeast of Lake Mead Drive / Warm Springs Road at the end of Ithaca Ave. 196003/31/2010
4554Lower C-1 Channel (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
C-1 Channel 1/2 miles south (upstream) of Las Vegas Wash. 155401/17/2006
4559Beltway Channel at TenayaWater LevelCCRFCD
On West Centennial Parkway just east of Tenaya. 235005/19/2014
4564Pittman Railroad ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
0.7 miles southeast of US-93/95 and Lake Mead Drive 184101/04/2007
4569Beltway Channel W. of RevereWater LevelCCRFCD
Beltway, West of Revere 221001/10/2017
4574Flamingo Wash at SpencerWater LevelCCRFCD
Flamingo Wash west of Spencer 193001/03/2003
4579Skye Canyon 1 DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1 mile SSW of Kyle Canyon Rd. and Shaumber Rd. 303511/13/2018
4584Skye Canyon 2 DBPrecipitationCCRFCD
1/2 mile SSW of Kyle Canyon Rd. and Shaumber Rd. 302504/22/2020
4599Las Vegas Wash at The Club at Sunrise (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
At the Las Vegas Wash and Flamingo Wash confluence. 171009/15/2015
4609Cactus near DurangoPrecipitationCCRFCD
At LVVWD reservoir located 1/4 mile west of Durango Drive / Cactus Ave. 273401/15/2010
3.4 mile south of Blue Diamond Road on Torrey Pines alignment. 251506/29/1989
4619Lower Duck Creek DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Southwest of Bermuda Road / Pebble Road. 221509/05/2001
4624Duck Creek at ParadiseWater LevelCCRFCD
On the west side of Paradise Road, 1/4 mile north of Windmill Road. 210006/21/1991
4629Duck Creek at JoRaeWater LevelCCRFCD
0.1 miles southeast of the South Point Casino on Jo Rae St. 225004/29/2009
4634Duck Creek at EasternWater LevelCCRFCD
On the east side of Eastern Avenue, ¼ mile south of Warm Springs Road. 204012/01/1987
4639Upper Duck Creek DBWater LevelCCRFCD
This Detention Basin is located 1 mile south of Blue Diamond Road at the end of Hualapai. 295007/07/2010
4644NWS OfficesFull Weather StationCCRFCD
On Dean Martin Drive, 1/2 mile north of Blue Diamond Road. 227503/13/1997
4649Duck Creek Railroad DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.1 mile south-southeast of Blue Diamond Road / Rainbow Blvd. 252003/04/2011
4654Desert Tortoise CenterFull Weather StationCCRFCD
Rainbow Blvd 3.5 miles south of Blue Diamond Road. 263002/11/1992
4659Duck Creek above SunsetWater LevelCCRFCD
0.1 miles south of Sunset Road on Annie Oakley Dr. 196212/30/2015
4669Central Duck Creek DBWater LevelCCRFCD
2.2 miles SW of Cactus Av. and I-15. 246010/30/2017
4674Duck Creek near TomiyasuWater LevelCCRFCD
West of Tomiyasu and North of Warm Springs Rd 199001/25/2002
4684Duck Creek above Mountain VistaWater LevelCCRFCD
0.18 southwest of Russell Road / Mountain Vista St. 188007/11/2001
4694Duck Creek at BroadbentWater LevelCCRFCD
Left (north) bank of Duck Creek 200 yards upstream of Broadbent Blvd 160511/30/2005
4704Sloan at I-15Full Weather StationCCRFCD
NDOT vehicle inspection station near town of Sloan 272508/17/1989
4709Headworks DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.2 miles south-southwest of Anthem Parkway / Bicentennial Parkway. 274002/07/2008
4714Pittman Pecos ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
Eastern Ave. just south of I-215 behind shopping center. 219008/15/2007
4719Pittman East DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Southeast of Sky Harbor Airport 246001/08/2003
4722Pittman North DBPrecipitationCCRFCD
1.5 Miles ENE of I-15 and St. Rose Parkway. 240801/30/2020
4724Anthem DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.2 miles southeast of Anthem Pkwy. / Atchley Dr. 312506/27/2001
4729McCullough Hills DBWater LevelCCRFCD
0.36 miles northeast of Anthem Pkwy. / Reunion Dr. 254007/31/2002
4734Pittman Wash at WigwamWater LevelCCRFCD
South side of Wigwam Avenue crossing of Pittman Wash, 1/2 mile east of Eastern Avenue. 210001/01/1988
4739UPRR ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
60 feet west of Green Valley Parkway on the south side of the UPRR Channel. 199006/23/1995
4744Headworks ChannelWater LevelCCRFCD
1.5 miles south of Sky Harbor Airport. 263005/28/2008
4749Pittman Wash at StephanieWater LevelCCRFCD
Pittman Wash along Stephanie St. between Russell Road / Sunset Road. 170003/17/2000
4752Horizon Ridge DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1.4 miles SW of US 95 and I-215. 224203/25/2019
4754Equestrian DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Near Equestrian Drive / Magic Way. 207003/28/1997
4759Pittman Park DBWater LevelCCRFCD
On the southside of Santiago between Stephanie and Arroyo Grande 197009/17/1999
4764Mission Hills DBWater LevelCCRFCD
At the Mission Hills Detention Basin southeast of Foothills Drive / College Way. 240008/23/1994
4769Pioneer DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Along the east side of I-515 near Warm Springs Road 240005/02/2002
4774TRONOXFull Weather StationCCRFCD
In the northwest corner of the TIMET facility. 184004/24/1992
4779C-1 Channel near Boulder HwyWater LevelCCRFCD
C-1 channel east of Boulder Highway, across from College Drive. 250007/26/2002
4784C-1 at Warm Springs (USGS)Water LevelUSGS
Along the east side of Pueblo Road immediately below the Drake Channel. 184003/24/1989
4789East Henderson 2PrecipitationCCRFCD
On City of Henderson water tank site near Equestrian Dr. / Foothills Dr. 220006/22/1993
4794East Henderson 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
3 mi E of intersection of Boulder Hwy/Lake Mead 216001/14/1993
4799East C-1 DBWater LevelCCRFCD
East of the SNWA River Mountain Water Treatment Facility in Henderson. 250006/07/2000
4814NelsonFull Weather StationCCRFCD
At the NWS Radar Site southwest of Nelson. 485008/04/2005
4824Veteran's DBWater LevelCCRFCD
Veterans Detention Basin between Veterans Memorial Drive / US-93. 244006/09/2006
4834Boulder City SWFull Weather StationCCRFCD
Approximately 15 miles southwest of Boulder City. 184507/18/2007
4844Bootleg Canyon DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1 mile north-northwest from Veterans Memorial Drive / US-93. 267502/18/2010
4854Boulder CityFull Weather StationCCRFCD
On Red Mountain 1.25 miles northwest of Boulder City (B.C. communications site). 344007/24/1991
4914Goodsprings 2PrecipitationCCRFCD
1.5 miles northwest of Goodsprings in Goodsprings Valley. 392007/27/1990
4924Goodsprings 1Full Weather StationCCRFCD
2 miles southwest of Goodsprings on Table Mountain. 504008/10/1990
4944Jean SouthwestFull Weather StationCCRFCD
4.9 miles southwest of Jean. 291602/26/2007
4954Jean AirportFull Weather StationCCRFCD
1 mile south of Jean at the airport. 283501/17/1990
4964Jean SEPrecipitationCCRFCD
9 miles southeast of Jean. 460002/08/1991
4974Jean SE3Full Weather StationCCRFCD
About 6.5 miles southeast of Jean at Beer Bottle Pass, east of Lucy Gray Range 276903/09/2007
4984Jean SE2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
Near McCullough Pass, about 8 miles southeast of Jean 325009/27/2006
4994PrimmFull Weather StationCCRFCD
Two miles north of Whiskey Pete Casino 264203/05/2007
5004Sandy ValleyFull Weather StationCCRFCD
At the Sandy Valley Community Center. 261612/18/2018
Water Reclamation District ponds southeast of Searchlight. 345509/28/1990
5134CalNevAriFull Weather StationCCRFCD
At the U.S. Coast Guard LORAN Station, 4.5 miles east of CalNevAri. 295003/07/1990
5144Searchlight SWFull Weather StationCCRFCD
6.5 miles southwest of Searchlight. 371003/15/1995
5224Laughlin 1PrecipitationCCRFCD
6.5 miles east of US-95, 3/4 miles south of SR-163. 271012/04/1991
5234Laughlin 3PrecipitationCCRFCD
4 miles west of Laughlin Bay. 228002/26/1993
5244Laughlin 2Full Weather StationCCRFCD
4.5 miles northwest of Laughlin. 242012/13/1991
5274Hiko Springs DBWater LevelCCRFCD
3.45 miles west of Laughlin. 102012/12/2007
5634Black Mountain DBWater LevelCCRFCD
1/2 mile southwest of Horizon ridge Pkwy. / Paradise Hills Drive. 259804/21/2000
7404Fort Mojave (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
7405Mohave Lakeview (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
7420Golden ShoresPrecipitationMOH
7431Mount Tipton (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
7440Archibald Wash (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
7470Dolan Springs (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
7516Figure 4 (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
7561Scrub Peak (Utah)PrecipitationMOH
7570Beaver Dam (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
7590Meadview (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
7600Union Pass (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
7610Bullhead City (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
7625CR 143 @ MP8PrecipitationMOH
7661Black Wash (Mohave County)PrecipitationMOH
7665CR 143 @ SR 93PrecipitationMOH
7690Valle VistaPrecipitationMOH
7750Virgin River at Scenic, AZ (Mohave County)Water LevelMOH
7780Beaver Dam State Park (Mohave County)Full Weather StationMOH
9008Mountain Pass (San Bernardino)Precipitation
51032Coyote Pass (Mohave County)Full Weather Station
51039Grace Neil at Bank Street (Mohave County)Water Level
9408150Hurricane (USGS)Water Level
9413000Santa Clara at St. George (USGS)Water Level
9413200Bloomington at St. George (USGS)Water Level
9413700Virgin River above the Narrows (USGS)Water Level
9414900Beaver Dam Wash (USGS)Water Level
9415000Virgin at Littlefield (USGS)Water Level
9415250Virgin River above Lake Mead near Overton (USGS)Water Level
9416000Muddy River near Moapa (USGS)Water Level
9418500Meadow Valley Wash near Caliente (USGS)Water Level
9419000Muddy River near Glendale (USGS)Water Level