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Class Name: Stormwater Training for Construction Contractors

Stormwater Training for Construction Contractors will help you ensure that your facility is complying with existing stormwater regulations as they apply to the construction industry. Construction projects are often affected by stormwater. When this happens, a variety of pollutants can be picked up by stormwater and discharged into the storm sewer system which ultimately drains into Lake Mead. To help prevent stormwater pollution from reaching waterways, owners/operators of construction sites are required to comply with various stormwater permits and regulations. This training will provide construction site workers with information on how to comply with state and local regulations and ordinances, including:
* Overview of stormwater and non-point source pollution
* Local ordinances
* Nevada General Permit for Construction
* Best Management Practices (BMP) and the Las Vegas Valley Construction BMP Manual
* Inspection processes and procedures (Duration: 3.00 hours)
Organizer: John Tennert, 702-685-0000,

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